BarkCam Helps the Pet-Obsessed Take Better Dog Portraits

If you thought selfies were tough, try getting the perfect Dog picture… Thankfully we’ve got a new startup Bark&Co who has a new app to help dog lovers in their quest for the perfect canine portrait.BarkCam is a photo-sharing app that is like a dog version of Instagram.Begin

Weird Al: Word Crimes

Weird Al: Word Crimes   Another day, another Weird Al video. For the second of his 8 videos in 8 days, he takes on the horrific state of English grammar, largely brought on by the Internet and text messaging – courtesy of Robin Thicke’s 2013 mega hit

Dronestagram – a positive result of drones taking the sky

Thanks to browsing Reddit, I discovered a new site pretty cool and worth checking out. Dronestagram is a collection of photos taken by users all over the globe via their personal drones. They recently held a contest and this eagle shot was the winner. To check out

Politicians and their cash flow – Cool Plugin

Usually I like to stay out of politics since talking about it with friends and Family usually results in heated arguments…But this is a really cool plugin built by a 16 year old. Definitely worth checking out. Link to download the plugin -  

Merry Christmas Internet!

Ho ho ho!

Homeless Dog Rescued from Trash Pile (Aww!)

This poor dog gets rescued from a trash pile and later pays it forward by befriending a shy little dog